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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Brain Rooms

Last night Abe and I were lying in bed, talking and giggling way past my bedtime. (This is one of my favorite things about being married.) At some point--probably after I said something weird--Abe remarked that he would love to take a peek inside my mind. That started me imagining what it might look inside HIS mind, and this is what I came up with:

Abraham's Brain Room

It is a tidy room, lined with floor-to-ceiling mahogany filing cabinets, each neatly filled with information. Abraham himself sits calmly in a high-quality leather chair in the center of the room. The color of the light in the room changes according to what he is thinking about, and his thoughts fall tidily into the following four categories: Relationships (red), Technology (blue), Religion (clear), and Current Events (orange). The colors rarely overlap. He will often access materials in his files, but after he has referenced them, he will neatly put them back where they belong. It is a calm and orderly place. 

Then we discussed what my mind looked like. 

Rachel's Brain Room

A busy place. Papers swirl around everywhere, whacking me in the face periodically. A hamster runs on a wheel, repeatedly singing parts of a song over and over again. The whole place is pulsing with emotion--mostly love, but sometimes sadness, joy, frustration, gratitude, anxiety, elation, and anger. There are piles of rocks that represent my responsibilities and my to-dos. I run back and forth, moving them from one place to another, hoping that none get forgotten, hoping that I don't fall behind. I carry a lot of the rocks in a backpack. It is a heavy load and I quickly grow tired.  

Now You

I found this to be an entertaining and enlightening exercise in self-awareness. And now I'm curious. What does YOUR brain room look like?


Asa said...

My Brain Room (TM) would probably be similar to Abe's, except instead of books there would be banks of computers. Dim white (happy) or blue (content) lighting gently shifting around the vast majority of the time, if light is how you want to reflect my mood, but there are occasionally sustained flashes of other colors. The amount of wires running around in total chaos would be amazing. Think Matrix, only not neat and organized. But the wires would be behind the computers and screens and not really a part of the interaction anyway, so it's not like it affects the user interface much. As in, interacting with me. I blipped and slipped into computer mode.

There would also be complex puzzles and toys, fun things to occupy my mind. And a whole wall of screens dedicated to humorous memories or ideas.

Just for kicks, it is a hexagon.

For some reason I feel like there isn't gravity. Not sure why. But it's in my heart.

Melanie Allen said...

I just snooped and read a bunch of your blog posts. Mostly I'm just annoyed that we haven't become best friends yet so now I feel like we've at least spent some time together. 😊
And I've laughed! I'm definitely have to bring up brain rooms with dusty as I'm terribly curious!
Lots of love.


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