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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Halloween 2014

Ya'll. I am super behind on my blogging. I'm just going to throw out all these posts so that the past year of my family's life isn't completely lost to us. Yes, I do realize that Halloween 2015 is just three months from now.

Liam dressed up as Spiderman. When we were out trick-or-treating, we came to a house that had a ton of very spooky decorations lining the sidewalk. Soren was hesitant to walk that dark path, but not Liam. "Spiderman isn't afraid," he said, and boldly marched to the doorstep.

Soren was a necromancer. 

And the first snow of the year must have fallen sometime around Halloween, because apparently the boys made graham cracker houses. (It's our family tradition to make gingerbread houses when the first snow flies each year.) The top on is Soren's; the bottom one is Liam's. 

Dang, I really should have posted about this right after it happened. I only vaguely remember our pumpkin carving event. I know Soren's is the jaggedy one on the left, and the eyelashy one is mine, but the other little ones . . . I think I helped Liam make them all? Maybe? 

Briar dressed up as Darth Maul. And yes, I did do her face paint. I was just a face painting fool this past Halloween. 

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