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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Halloween 2012

The weekend before Halloween, my little niece Sylvie came to visit.  Isn't she gorgeous?

We also went to the U Pick Red Barn Pumpkin Patch and did some pumpkin carving.  

Soren's Jack-o-Lantern.  His was the only one that ever got carved.  (And painted.  And glued.)  

Liam painted his.  

The bat that Soren made for our entryway.

More kid-made decorations on display.  

Now for the awesome part.....

Briar and our co-worker Alex both dressed up as Angry Birds.

 Look at that amazing make-up job.  Yeah, I did that.

Jasmin and I dressed up as Sociopaths.  Scary, eh?

Aren't my little ghost and jaguar just adorable?

My childrens' mother was too lazy to make fancy Halloween food, so for dinner we had "monster faces."  

I gave up and put on a real costume for trick-or-treating, at Soren's behest.  

We trick-or-treated around the block and capped off the evening at Grandma and Grandpa's house with a spooky episode of Spongebob Squarepants.


Holly said...

Love it! And I will now start referring to myself as "my children's mother" often.

Nick Wheeler said...

How are these children so adorable?

Hillary said...

Almost I think that Briar should always do her hair like that. Only, I would be afraid. Or does she always do her hair like that already...At any rate, it's pretty spectacular.

Natalya said...

Hey, this was great, thanks so much for sharing. I love Soren's clothes when he's by the pumpkins. Sociopath, that is GREAT! I will remember that!
Is Briar's hair black now?
You need to fire your word verification setting. It is really hard to read.

Natalya said...

Sorry, just realized that was dumb, to ask if Briar's hair is black now. But I'm dumb lately. So thanks for understanding. I was just taken aback, that's all.

Karen said...

Lol I opened up my Reader and saw Sylvie's shirt and thought "Hey! Sylvie has that same shirt!" then I was like "Hey that's Sylvie!"

So glad to have been able to see you guys over Halloween. Sad I missed out on the costumes though! They all turned out so cute!


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