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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Book Journal

I love Roald Dahl.  I mean, what's not to like about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (except for horrifying film adaptations)?  Or The BFG?  Or Matilda?  Or The Witches?  His stories are a little dark, a lot hilarious, and all kinds of charming.   And if you've ever wondered where it all came from, you've got to read Boy, a collection of memories from Dahl's own childhood, which reads almost exactly like his books for children.  I chortled for days afterwards.  Good stuff.  

And one can't read Boy without wanting to know what happened when Roald took a job with Shell Oil Company in East Africa and then joined the Royal Air Force.  This man had no shortage of life adventures.  While not as amusing as Boy (a lot of it was, after all, about war), Going Solo is an interesting and perspective-broadening memoir.    


Karen said...

I am also a huge fan of Roald Dahl! Didn't realize he'd written memoirs. These are definitely going on my " to read" list stat!

Ps.the only thing I don't like about him is his name. Sounds like you're talking with a mouth full of cotton! Like that 30 Rock episode with the Rural Juror. : D

Collette Smith said...

I want to read "Boy."

LOL, Karen...mouthful of cotton is right!!!


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