Abraham, Rachel, Soren and Liam. Our life together in Smalltown, Idaho.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Happy Day

Had a happy day.

Got to go on a "Giggle Walk" with my favoritestest sister in the whole world.

Was informed by Soren that he had a good life-- good family, good friends.  He even said that he loved his brother Liam "so much."  (!!!)

Went to the library with Liam, who had a funny conversation with another little kid his age.  It went like this:

Kid: "Who are you?"
Liam: "Yeeyum."
Kid: "Yeeyum?"
Liam: "No, Yeeyum."
Kid: "Then who are you?"
Liam: "Yeeyum!"

Took a nap.

Read, read, read, read, read to the kids.  Learned about the Galapagos islands.

Baked bread.

Visited some friends.

Cooked dinner while listening to little kid music.  

Watched the children dance dramatically to Beethoven's 5th.  (Liam put on a particularly charming performance.)

Folded laundry.


Life is sometimes hard, so I am sure thankful for days like these.  I, like Soren, am grateful for family and friends.  I am particularly grateful for the gift of motherhood.   I love those precious little boys so much it makes my heart squeeze.


heidi said...

:) :) :)

What a wonderfullfullfullfull day!

Wish I could have had ears in the library to hear that cute cute cute conversation. (I feel like in some way or form it represents my own conversations with my little peers, esp. on FB... "What? Who are you??") It's comforting that a sweet kindhearted purely intentioned boy like Liam can be as easily misunderstood as I (feel). Must not be doing anything too wrong if in such great company!

This wonwonwonderfull post is such an excellent find to an overly stimulating day. It's like the most tranquil poem. Like a galldarn GIFT, Rach!

Making me feel oh-so-tranquil--and I'm gently sitting and tranquilly imagining every day of the rest of your life being equally so. (Oops! Horror! That'd be so nauseatingly boring for you. I'm imagining every OTHER day being that way.)

You squeeze me a little in that way you're describing.

p.s. I feel like one of these days the computer is going to become sentient, and instead of saying "Leave your comment" above the comment box it's going to say, "Leave your overly long series of comments you seem unable to resist leaving... heidi."

(And were I to leave an actual brief single comment these words would float up: What? Who are you then?)

p.p.s. This the most exciting word in the post--and an exciting word indeed, even in this tranquil poem of a post: Wrote. (!)

Karen said...

The image of the boys dancing to Beethoven's 5th makes me smile. :)


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