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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Kid

Today Soren started preschool.

All morning long, it was "When do I get to go to preschool? How much longer 'til I can go to preschool? How much longer? When? How many minutes? Is that a long time? How much longer now? Is it time yet? Can we go now? Can we go nooowww?"

He ate breakfast. He had a bath. He put on his brand-new bumblebee t-shirt, chino pants, and light-up Lightning McQueen shoes.

At 8: 10 AM (almost an hour before preschool was scheduled to begin), he put on his backpack.
He waited.

And waited.

Finally it was time to go.

We walked four doors down to Little Russets Preschool, where Miss Misty and a very enthusiastic group of Lightning McQueen backpack-wearing kids greeted him from the landing.

He walked up the stairs and didn't look back.

I walked back home feeling a little weepy, a little proud. I fervently wished for a video camera in the preschool so I could watch his every move, see what they were doing, see how he responded.

When Liam and I came to pick Soren up two hours later, he was wearing a sparkly headband with his name on it. He said he liked preschool. He showed me the worksheets he'd colored. He wanted to know if Koen could come over to play.

I think it's going to be a good school year. I can't believe how big my baby has become.


Karen said...

He is seriously getting so big! I keep imagining him as this little 2 yr. old so it always shocks me whenever I see him!

Also, I loled at the "Little Russets"... too cute!

Seth said...

Alright! Preschool time! Looks like he couldn't be more ready... :-)

heidi said...

The photo of backpacked Soren ready and waiting an HOUR ahead is too adorable and touching for words.

With all of the books you've read about education, I'm impressed you haven't been paralyzed into indecision by the certainty of ANY decision being wrong. (I think I would be likely to find myself in such a state. Not choosing for 18 solid years isn't a harmful choice, right? Right?) Although the Little Russets school seems like something every parent would love. But anyway congrats on finding it! And congrats to your little guy for taking his first steps out into the wide world.

I love, love, love your metablognition post but haven't found the time to marshall my thoughts onto the digital page. One of these days!

Hope all is well with yous.

Collette Smith said...

Omigoodness, just look at the dreamy look in his eyes!!!


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