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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ode to Spring, by Laura

Morning sunshine!
So far so good! My heart is fluttering! I can see sidewalk! IT IS A MIRACLE!
I love SPRING!
I love warmth!
I love sunshine!
I love cool breezes coming through open windows!
I love street sweepers that brush away the yucky rocks that give us traction in the winter.
I love windex that cleans the filth off of nasty winter windows.
I love dogs that can go distances to poop in someone else's yard 'cause there is no snow!
I love little birdies that I play chicken with on county line road!
I love slushies!
I love sand on the shores of lakes that boat in!
I love water warm enough to dip your feetsies in!
Are you picking up what I am layin' down?
I think I have the FEVER!
I may not be a church goer but I have FAITH in springtime!
I am Mother Sunshine! I love everything sunshine!

This was taken from an online chat with my friend Laura this morning. She was feeling a wee bit excited by the possibility that spring might be on its way. She rhapsodized for quite some time, despite the fact that I was trying to grumble about outsourced phone support. It pleased me so. I just put her parts in 'cause they're the cute ones and my portions might be construed as xenophobic.

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heidi said...

That poem makes me very happy. We've been having a bizarrely balmy winter... since the last half of Jan. it's more often felt like spring than like winter! So easy to SMILE at the SUN.

But the mention of your grumbling pleased ME so. My dad is a big grumbler and I love grumbling myself. Being too sunny can get annoying; thanks for saving this post from that dread fate.

Merry March! with plenty o' grumbles.



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