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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Liam: July 2010

Liam continues to be Liam. I worry a bit about the fact that, at sixteen months, he is not even pulling up to pieces of furniture, let alone walking. But he's still our little darling. As I started this post, I realized it sounded a bit little a personal ad, so that is how I shall post it.

Baby, 16 months, seeks companion, 9-18 months, for parallel play.

SWM, two feet tall, thirty pounds: chubby, cuddly, jovial, sweet.

Enjoys flinging sand across the sandbox, splashing in the bathtub, hearing stories read aloud,

playing pat-a-cake, cuddling, trying new foods,

and examining objects from all angles.

Does not enjoy waiting for bottles.

Companion must be willing to accommodate occasional play-time naps.

Please text if interested.


Nick Wheeler said...

What a darling child.

Janet Latta said...

looks like a keeper to me!

Collette said...


I'd repond if only I were of the requested age...


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