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Sunday, July 04, 2010


I'm not gonna lie: my children do not really like each other. Soren decided that Liam was Satan's spawn the first day he laid eyes on him, and his opinion has not wavered far from that original assessment. Liam would probably be more apt to develop a friendship with his big brother were he not terrified that pain-- or at least yelling-- might result from any contact they make. But right here on my blog, in full color, I have captured my two children passing a few peaceful moments within close proximity.

Media really can bring us together.


heidi said...


When my (younger) brother and I were young we didn't get along all that well, either. I tried to boss him and he liked to tease me. We pretty much tormented each other.

But now I'm uber ecstatic whenever I get to see him. (He's flying in from WY TOMORROW for the first time in a year and a half!) A big part of the draw is that NOone but he completely and utterly understands exactly how insane our parents are.

Be sure to make loads of crazy errors raising your children, and they'll always have that to bond over.

That, and poop.

--XO, H.

p.s. My word verification word? "jejevou" Don't you LOVE that? I bet Nick could put that word to exquisite use.

Rachel said...

Heidi, It's always comforting to hear about siblings who hated each other at a young age but love each other later in life. I'm hoping Soren and Liam get all their hates out now and then get along during the elementary school years when all the other siblings are fighting!

Collette said...

Ha ha! What cute--and fascinating--little bubs!

Collette said...

P.S. I love your blog because you never sugar coat anything. All honesty, all the time.


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