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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Calling all blogger experts.

I can't figure out how to move all the stuff that's on the bottom (link lists, archives, et al) over to the side. I tried click-n-drag in the layout editor and that didn't work. First one to give me an answer that works wins a prize!*

*Not really.


Scott said...

I'm not too familiar with Blogger, but at least on Wordpress you can't really customize the layout much unless you change the whole theme. If you want 100% control you may need to host your site elsewhere (i.e. GoDaddy with your own dotcom domain.) That way you have direct access to the CSS that controls how everything looks. Oh, and you'd need to learn how to edit CSS.

Becca said...

You need to change your layout. That will give you more options of where to put things. There are a bunch of different one to chose from and you can go to an outside site to dazzle it up a bit if you would like. Without having to learn code and all that crazy computer jargon.

Karen said...

Rachel, I might be able to help you if you still need it... though I'm not much for explaining computery things. I may have to actually look at it in person.

Having said this, I believe you need to have a layout with at least 2 columns and yours currently has one. I have tinkered with the html code on my blog a bit and may be able to figure out how to add a column to your current design if you'd rather do that than choose a whole new layout.

OR you could copy and paste your html code into a Word file and email it to me and I could mess with it and send it back :D

heidi said...

Is that Karen nice, or what?

Hey, is that the Becca whose mom is besties with your mom? You should tell her I know Jamie! Although I haven't seen her in half my lifetime.
Which makes for a bit of a less interesting story. Although my parents did go to Jamie's wedding! And she seemed shocked, my dad said, by how old they look! I'm old, too, now, so she'd probably be double-shocked by me. A newly minted geriatric.

I should really rethink this drinking tea so late at night. Also I still owe you an email, what am I doing babbling like this? I need to get to bed to save my energies for more productive onlining.



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