Abraham, Rachel, Soren and Liam. Our life together in Smalltown, Idaho.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Baby of Perpetual Infancy

Liam has decided that he wants to be a little tiny baby forever. At nine months, he still needs to be walked around when he's unhappy; he still breastfeeds almost exclusively (not my idea, I promise you); he has shown no interested in crawling. He cried hysterically when his daddy tried to get him to drink out of a sippy cup last week. And he sprouted a fourth tooth but seems to have sucked it back in. He is our twenty-five pound newborn. Funny kiddo.


Karen said...

Well I guess if you have to have a baby of perpetual infancy, at least you got an adorable sweet chunky one :)

Natalya said...

I liked that you spoofed this title off "Lady of Perpetual..." What! What is she Perpetually of?

kate said...

Is it because I was public schooled that I have no idea what Natalya is talking about?

Mary also enjoys breastfeeding and nothing else much. Someone at church gave her some cheerios,and she cutely held them between her lips, and got them all over her shirt, but I don't think much went down. I'm okay with this. With Sariah, she didn't want to eat and I worried. By the time Jane came around, I decided I didn't WANT her to eat anything else till she was a year, and wouldn't you know it, she started diving for our food at 5 months--we couldn't keep her away from it. And now this one I didn't really care either way, but her preference seems to be Mama-milk only! She also does NOT know how to go to sleep without it, and, as of the past two days, does not know how to STAY asleep without my warm body close to her, and this is driving me a LEETLE bit INSANE. :)

Babyhood can't last forever. Really, it can't.

heidi said...

Ah, what a sweet, sweet honey-pie of a custardy, caramelly love! With eyes that make me melt! (I mean Liam, not Abe, although he seems quite delicious, himself, from all the lovely and delightful details you've shared recently!)

I utterly agree with Karen and Kate's reassurance is quite... reassuring.

"Seems to have sucked it back in"=HA! Hilarious, you.


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heidi said...

That sounds delicious! I can't wait to feel the smell of real money. I wonder if it wafts through the air like fresh-baked bread? (Does it ever have the taint of the sweatshops that fuel our cheap purchases, I wonder? Like, do Walmart purchases "smell" different than Fair Trade ones? I tend to alternate between conscientious purchases and merely cheap ones, and so far, I haven't noticed much of a difference, at least in smell. Although Paul makes more of a fuss--a gentle one--when I walk in the door with the tell-tale bags of the local Fair Trade/Organic/Healthy Foods store.)

I guess it's just been a long time since I got a good, strong whiff of serious cash.


Rachel said...

Karen: Thank you for thinking my baby is sweet and adorable.
Natalya: Thanks for catching the spoof.
Kate: Thanks for the reassurance that there are other babies who exclusively breastfeed for a long time. And also the reminder that it can't last forever. Though I did see a video of a lady who was nursing her 8-year-old.....
Heidi: Love that you commented back to the spammer. You're the best.

heidi said...

I think you deserve some sort of super-award for commenting on your comments during the Holidays! I think I have a definite addiction to your&Karen's blogs... (I check them at the same time.) Either an addiction or some sort of holiday-fueled blog-reading frenzy. Because, I was just thinking to myself, how tiresome that BOTH blogs have the same post several days in a row! Then I thought, I need to get a life. So that I can't claim to have scanned through the same post 18 times.
So, you will understand: It came as such a delight to see that there was a new comment on your current post!

Honestly, I deeply enjoyed it. Also, equally honestly, it strikes me as... a bit... scary? that I KNEW EXACTLY HOW MANY COMMENTS THERE HAD BEEN A FEW HOURS AGO!

(By the way: I don't mean "caps" to imply shouting. Just emphasis. I got into the caps-habit before I learned about that protocol.)

Merry Xmas! I'm so happy that something new awaited me, online, to enjoy in my post-Xmas-Eve-party stupor.

You're a grand bloggess.


heidi said...

Feel mildly silly leaving yet another comment... Obviously have not acted on the resolution to "get a life" yet... But had to say: Really like the new "picture" that introduces your blog! So cheerful.

Also, I should mention: Liam and I are so samesies! I also cry hysterically whenever anyone tries to get me to drink from a sippy cup.

Natalya said...

2 things:
Heidi sometimes brings tears to my eyes.
Whoever drew the cute picture omitted Abe's beard. It was hard for me to pick him out from among the baby-faces. Mightn't you add one?

heidi said...

Natalya! How flattering to be mentioned by name! I always feel invisible here to anyone but Rachel. Strange delusion, I s'pose. Anyway, you've inspired me to top my most-ever comments on a single post. (Or, perhaps, merely match, rather depressing thought.) But, I'm mystified: tears? Wha? Whyever? (It's hard to know how one's written words "sound" to others.) This is a bit... funny, I guess, and probably a bad sign, but the first idea that popped into mind is 'cuz I'm such an infuriating b----. But that was just my first instinct and upon further reflection I'm pretty sure that can't possibly be it. (In trying to penetrate the mystery, I re-read all preceding comments, and thought I should make a clarification: although I have made cheap purchases from questionable sources, I've never bought anything from Evil Walmart. I'm conducting an eternal boycott. YES! If there's a Walmart in the hereafter I will NOT GO. No matter what! Even if it's the SOLE supplier of harps!)

But, also, I wanted to say I'm so glad you pointed out the spoof! I think maybe that nice Kate with the delicious child-rearing and -educating ideas mayn't live where there are many Catholics? Anyway, my hubbie grew up, in Reno, going to a church called "Our Lady of the Snows." I thought it was Perpetual Snows but no. Probably more cheering to imagine the snows will recede.

I googled it and the most common thing was "Our Lady of Perpetual Help." Isn't that absolutely LOVERLY?!

Thanks for providing something new to read. :)

Natalya said...

No, Heidi, they are tears of suppressed LAUGHTER. Do you have no idea how hilarious you are? Maybe it's unintentional. If so, I am so sorry.

heidi said...

Natalya--oh, you needn't be sorry! You know, I'm an utterly sincere person but I ALSO don't take myself seriously; and I was, I suppose, trying to be funny when I made the comments about needing to get a life, and such. (I just never expect OTHERS to think I'm funny!) But see: I ALSO meant it! It is, somehow, scary that I'm so riveted by Rachel's blog. It's scary AND funny, I suppose. AND, also, mixed in there somewhere, there's sincerity. I like Rachel and I think her thoughts and feelings and reflections and experiences are OH-so-interesting. So I guess I'm just a plain old sincere liar when I state plans for getting a life.

Anyway, I don't expect to SUCCEED at... bringing people to the point of laughter! My brother and husband, you see, have always assumed that role. I've always been the serious one; it's DELIGHTFUL to be considered "hilarious." Strangely and wondrously delightful.

So: Thank you! And I'll glad accept your utterly unnecessary, but very sweet, apology, in lieu of apologies that others have neglected to give when they should have. (It's not possible to give out enough sympathy, and liking, in this life, is it? Even if it makes one feel silly. THAT"S it! I'm sillily sincere. I think.)

The End. (Was that funny? "The End"? See, to me it WAS! But I imagine others will think either nothing of it, or consider it dumb. But I think "The End" to what is COMMONLY a brief, 2-sentence comment, is very funny! And the joke's on me!)

heidi said...

p.s. It occurs to me that a briefer way of saying all that might have been:

Hilarious? You made my day! You must be nearly as nice as Rachel.

(But it's not long, and, in my book, longer is always gooder. (As Karen might say.))

Natalya said...

Heidi: here's my theory about funny. You said it was always your husband's and brother's job to be funny. But perhaps that is only at family gatherings that they exchange glittering repartees? (sp?) Perhaps your "funny" strength lies in the written word? Can your husband and brother write a funny comment on a blog post? Can they WRITE? We all have strengths and weaknesses, and I suppose the least of your strengths is typing fast enough to record these engaging streams of consciousnesses. Depending how many consciousnesses you have. See, your writing is addictive. I would never have written about consciousnesses if I had not first been reading your writing style.

heidi said...

That was Lovely,

You made ME laugh! With delight at your cleverness. (It was so clever and insightful and delightful of you to see how delightful and talented and clever I am.)


p.s. Rach--your blog readers ARE delightful! And nicely chatty. How do you meet so many lovely people? Are they all related to Abe?

Natalya said...

rofl. thanks, i needed it.


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