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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hugh Jackman....dainty?

After I mentioned that Abe had a man-crush on Hugh Jackman, my sister-in-law commented that Hugh seemed a bit...dainty....to her.

Does this 6'1" 215 pound man look dainty to you?


Anonymous said...

Actually he's almost 6'3", definitely not dainty. But he does have a beautiful, dainty heart. He & Daniel Craig just broke all records by raising $1.5 million in 6 weeks for the BC/EFA fundrasing this year!

Karen said...

I don't know, those stabby knives do look long and slender. ;-)

Natalya said...

I take it back,if that is indeed he. But I have my doubts. The picture I saw looked dainty. It was just his beautiful face. Does Abe have a crush on his face or his knives?


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