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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So maybe I should mention the major life upheavals.

Things at Harbor House (the drug-and-alcohol rehab where Abe and I both worked) were not looking very good. It's very complex, and I won't get into the politics of it all here, but let's just say that the Clinical Supervisor quit, the Director quit, the Youth Specialist Supervisor quit-- and no one was hired to replace them. Abe (the interim supervisor), Jenny (a counselor), and I (the admin assistant) were stuck running the place on our own. When the former clinical supervisor offered me a job at his own business, I jumped at the chance to get out of the sinking ship and into something more stable. No one was hired to replace me. I started my new job Monday this week. On Tuesday it was announced that Harbor House would be closing in two weeks.

So Abe is out of a job.

Which is OK, actually, because we've decided that he can use this time to plow through his Master's program. He should be able to complete it in a year and a half or less now. I'll be working full time, but I think I can rig my schedule so that I can be home a lot anyway-- working from 7 to 3 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and from 12 to 8 on Tuesday and Thursday. That will give me a couple afternoons and a couple mornings a week to spend with the boys. We're still going to have to tighten our belts some, but I think we'll be able to ride this out without too much suffering.

In other news, Nicholas got a job in Salt Lake and moved out. He found a fabulous apartment in the downtown area, is liking his new job (doing graphic design for a scrapbooking company called BasicGrey), and has already made a kajillion new friends-- though he still remembers to text me most days. Tonight he sent me the following two messages:
1) Omg walking to get groceries at dusk. Life is perfect!
2) And I'm quickly brought down from my cloud when I discover my fly is down.

Next up for our downstairs bedroom: Abe's sister Hillary, who is moving in at the end of the week.


Holly said...

Whoa. Crazy life. Good luck with working full time. And with Abe's program. And with your rotating perma-bunkies in the guest room.

Thora said...

Good thing you were offered another job, before it all came down! And, it'll be nice (I'm sure) when Abe is done with school, so it's nice he can work on it faster.

Karen said...

That really sucks, although I too am glad that you were able to find another job so quickly. Maybe if Abe has some extra time amongst his studies he could get things in the works to start up our family goat farm/book store? Just a thought ;) But seriously, let us know if you guys need anything!

Nana said...

Glad you have a job and Abe can work on his Master's What will his masters be in?
Hillary moving in with you?? Hope she can get work too!
We are good down here. Give Hillary a hug from us. You get one too!

heidi said...

Oh my goodness! Geez Louise. Well--congrats on making the best of a bad situation, and, on being eminently hire-able! I feel concern for the Harbor House youths who have no safe "harbor" any longer.

I'm pulling for you guys! I wish there were something I could do to help out. Let me know if you think of something. Maybe I could write a Piano Prayer of Library Studies?

(Just kidding.)



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