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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rub a dub dub...three kids in a tub.

Soren's cousins Maya (12 months) and Chase (2 1/2) came to visit a few weeks ago. They brought along their parents, Lara (Abe's sister) and Nathan. It was a really nice visit and the kids seemed to enjoy interacting with each other. Even in the nude. See below for details.

Soren and Maya started out with friendly introductions. "Hey there! You come to this tub often?"
Soren was pretty excited about having someone to bathe with.
He was more excited still by the addition of a third party, who decided that Maya and Soren shouldn't have all the fun.
The kids have all found something pretty awesome in the middle of the tub. Said Something Awesome was so cool it even illicited a Garfield-esque "oooooh" from Soren.
Maya showing off one of the many classy, expensive, and high-tech bathtime toys we've purchased during our many travels abroad and given Soren. This one we bought in Paris. It's called a "Boogre Suckre."

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