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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A brief tribute to my dad.

My dad has always been the blindly adoring sort. I remember many a morning as a teenager, I'd crawl out of bed and slink to the bathroom. I'd be engaged in some unattractive activity like zit-popping, my hair all tangled, mascara smeared under my eyes, when my dad would pass by. He's stop, smile, and say something like, "You look really nice today, Penelope." And mean it.

I also remember driving somewhere with him when I was in the throes of adolescent insecurity, sure that I was the fattest and ugliest person who had ever lived. We weren't talking about this, but I remember as we turned onto the freeway on-ramp he asked me, "Have you ever thought about being a model?" I just laughed, but I remember thinking that everyone should have a dad who thinks they should be a model. And while I didn't feel any more beautiful for his having said that, I did feel very loved.

And I would have to say that's the greatest gift my dad has given me over the years: unconditional love. Life is hard sometimes and it's fabulous sometimes. It can bring out the best and the worst in me. Sometimes I've lovable and sometimes I'm not-so-lovable. But it's nice to know that through all of life's ups and downs, my dad will always be there. Thinking that I'm beautiful.

Thanks, Daddy.


Holly said...

I love your daddy. He's the greatest. Armpit smell and all. ;) I miss him asking me about "the ol' Nissan" (said as if rhyming with "pissin'") and making me the occasional snack for the road. What a sweet man. Here's a tribute to Loel!

Mark said...

I like your dad too. I will never forget the time that we were in NC (I think) and we were in a drive thru and we had rented that big ol van and he couldn't figure out that he had to push on the brake to get it out of park. So instead he got out of the car and found a way to force it out of park. Those were good times.

becca said...

Your dad is the sweetest man in the world. I can't tell you how much he (and your whole family) mean to me. Love to you all.


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