Abraham, Rachel, Soren and Liam. Our life together in Smalltown, Idaho.

Monday, February 11, 2008


I'm currently at my parents' home, running loads of laundry through their machines, as we have yet to acquire such a luxury as an in-home washer and dryer. Another luxury we have yet to acquire at our new home is an internet connection, so I thought I'd take advantage of this opportunity to write.

We're in our new home! And I'm in love with our new neighborhood!

We've still got some work to do on our house (I'll post pictures when we've got an internet connection at our place, which will hopefully be sometime this afternoon), but it's coming along nicely and already feels like home. Soren had a rough couple of nights at first, but seems to be perfectly happy in his new environment. And he still gets to see Grandma and Grandpa a couple of times a week (because I, as Abraham likes to quote, "canno' stay away from th' titty"), a thing which brings him much joy.

On Saturday night Soren and I came home from the grocery store to find a thin young man wearing a Harley Davidson jacket plowing out the snow in our driveway with his four-wheeler. He said his name was Shane and that he and his wife, Katie, and their 16-month-old son, Coen, live right next door. I thanked him from clearing our sidewalk and driveway and he remarked, "Oh, well, we have a trailer and hog a lot of the parking space during the summer, so I thought I could maybe recompense by keeping the sidewalks clear." He looked like a very nice man. I'm planning on taking over cookies so that I can meet Katie and Soren can meet Coen.

The neighbor on the other side, Sr. Sotelo, has a continual stream of women coming in and out of his house. I think they're grown daughters; Abe suspects he's running an underhanded business from his home. But he spends a lot of time outside talking to his two black poodles. So, shady business or no, he seems like a nice enough man.

We went to our new (church) ward on Sunday and were so excited. The second we walked in I felt at home. There was a row of very active children in front of us, among whom was a baby boy just a couple of weeks younger than Soren. He crawled under the bench to visit and the two of them touched each others faces and toddled up and down the church bench together. Soren also used his newfound as a driving surface for his little truck. The friend didn't seem to much mind.

After sacrament meeting we were flooded by people who were eager to meet us and make us feel welcome; Soren's new friend's mommy, Ingrid, a mother of four little boys, took me under her wing, finding a copy of the ward director for me, sitting by me in Relief Society and telling me everyone's names, smiling at me encouragingly when I made a comment.

And, of course, the gospel is the same wherever you go, and it was good -- as usual -- to be able to attend church and be reminded again of the things that are most important in this life.

When we got home from church, a cute elderly couple who live across the street waved and said, "Welcome to the neighborhood!"

We're in a good place. I'm excited to see what the next few years hold for us.


Steve & Margaret said...

That sounds like heaven, Rachel. I'm so glad y'all got in your new home!

Holly Keddington said...
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karla said...

Hooray for wonderful neighbors! I'm so happy you are receiving such a warm welcome!

becca said...

Congratulations! Me and mine want to come up and see you and yours. When can we make this happen?

Rachel said...

Could it be? Is it she? My long lost sorta-cousin? You guys are always welcome to come visit. I'm excited to meet your new little one. My schedule's wide open. You may want to consult with the others, however.


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