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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Soren's Birthday 2016

 Soren unwrapping  presents under his birthday tree, with uncles, cousins, and best friend Brian looking on. 

 Rebecca playing with the disco light Auntie Briar gave the boys for Christmas. 

 All but one of the Skousen brothers. L-R: Caleb, Quentin, Abe, and Asa. You gotta move closer, Tanner!

Cute patootie playing the piano. 

Christmas 2015

The house, after Santa came, but before the kids got up.  

Christmas morning!  

Briar made all my dreams come true by getting me a squatty potty and some poo-pourri.  

Liam using his new camera.  

I love that little jack-o-lantern smile!  

. . . and look at those sweet baby cheeks.  

Tessa and Arielle.  


Calysta, Collette, Dad, and Mom.  

Soren snuggled in his new blankie from Grandma. 

Halloween 2015

I swear that somewhere there are more pictures of Halloween than this, but these are the ones I can find right now.

Seth and Karen came up to visit from Utah with their cute kiddies. We carved pumpkins, partied with chili and doughnuts at the Smiths, and went trick-or-treating.

Seth and Karen's costumes were amazing and hilarious, and I KNOW I documented them somewhere, but again, heck if I can find them.

So anyway, here is my inadequate photo documentation of the holiday.

Gavin and Grandpa. 

Sylvie and Grandpa.  

You'd never know we were sisters, right? 

Smithlings carving pumpkins.  

Soren was deeply disturbed by this unnatural marriage of DC and Marvel comics.  

The world's cutest baby elephant. You can see part of Karen's miraculous costume here. 

Captain America and the Dark Lord. 

When the cat's away . . .

Abe was off frolicking with the Hanson and Smith men in the mountains on their manual Man Trip when BYU-Idaho had its big piano sale. I may have made a major purchase in his absence.

Cress Creek, Fall 2015

We live really close to this kid-friendly hike, so we make this hike a few times a year. On this particular excursion, we were accompanied by Briar and Quentin and Tailour and family.

Fair 2015

I've decided it's high time for another string of catch-up posts, starting with September 2015.

Abe and I took Liam. For some reason, Soren wasn't interested in attending the fair last year. I think he just asked us to pick him up some cotton candy and he'd call it good.

Liam was pretty enthralled with this truck ride:

Love this little boy. 


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