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Friday, January 24, 2014

Brothers: January 2014

"The boys sat on my lap this morning in the rocker/recliner.  They didn't fight or shove or hit or anything!  On the contrary!  They wrapped their cute little arms around each other and told each other-- repeatedly-- "I love you."  (From my "Happies" book...October 24.)

S: I love you, Liam
L: No!
S: Makes threatening gesture.
L: Okay, Soren!  You love me!

Liam: I kiss you?
Soren: Um....too disgusting!
Liam: Okay!

"Liam, while you're having a bath, I'm going to make you a present.  It might take a while, so...enjoy your eight hour long bath." -Soren

L: I won!
S: No, Liam.  It wasn't a race.  If I win, it was a race.  If you win, it wasn't a race.

L:  Mommy, look!  It's moon time!
S: "Hi, moon!"

One morning the boys made up a "dance" that consisted of running around the kitchen island in opposite directions and hugging every time they met.

In their Halloween costumes.  Soren is a necromancer; Liam is the red Power Ranger. 

This is how we paint here in the Skousen household.    

Crafting gingerbread houses on the first snowy day of the year.  

Snowman fun!  

Stretching their IQs with a rousing game of Cranium.
We are a very "clothes optional" kind of family.


Lara said...

Hehe, great pics. I loooove Soren's face in that blue hoodie.

Karen said...

Had to Google "necromancer." I am now a little smarter. Also, love those conversations. Especially the kissing one. I can totally hear them talking to each other. Ha ha!


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