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Friday, September 27, 2013

Brothers: September 2013

A vignette: 

Liam pushed Soren.  Soren, enraged, punched Liam, then ran to his room to cry.  I held Liam and tried to comfort him while he cried.  Soon Soren emerged from his room, sobbing.  "I'm so sorry!  I'm so so sorry!" 

"I sowwy, Sowen," reciprocated Liam.  Liam and I both reached our arms out to Soren.  Soren climbed onto my lap and the three of us hugged each other while Soren cried and apologized again and again.  "I'm so sorry!  I'm sooooo sorry!"  

"It's okay.  I okay, Sowen," said Liam, and kissed his brother on the head.  

Other brotherly things:  

 Just hanging out in their room one morning, chatting.  

Playing around in King's.   

Reading illustrated scripture stories together. 

The boys hunkering down for a long winters' hibernation.  (I wish!)  
I actually don't remember what they were doing here but, by golly, it's cute.  

Snuggling under the blanket for some morning cuddles.  

At snack time the kids can get creative.  

Liam says this is a windmill.  Clever, eh?

We got to babysit our friend Noelle for a few hours.  The boys were delighted.  Liam followed her around and tried to manage her every move, as is his custom with babies.  He also sat her down and read her a book, which was sheer adorableness.  

Soren also enjoyed having a girl in the house.  Here he's showing her the frog and toad puppets we borrowed from the library. 

I had a craft day with the boys while Daddy went canoeing with his best friend.  
  Liam used a ton of glue (Elmer's) to stick two sets of eyes on the back of a yogurt lid.  He said they were Soren and Liam.  (Soren added baking soda and vinegar to the lid before I could photograph it.)

We all made slime.

Soren created something with playdough and toothpicks.

  Liam glued corn on a lid. 

 Soren made a sculpture out of stuffing. 

 Liam strung tape around a chair, down the hall, and into the kitchen. 

Mommy made a caterpillar out of a paper towel roll.  


Nick Wheeler said...

Ayeayeaye. I want a craft day with you and the kiddos. February. I think I'm coming home for around a week in February. Can we please have a day together cooking and crafting and U2 and everything!?

Natalya said...

I love your tongue in your cheek. Captions are my favorite.


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