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Thursday, July 18, 2013

17 Mile Cave

Abe's mother and his baby sister Ivy (who is now ridiculously 18 years old) came to visit us for a few weeks.  It was fabulous having them here and we begged them to stay, but for some reason (something about Abe's father not being 'regular' when his honey was away) they felt like they needed to go home.  So back to New Hampshire they went.  

We tried to do some fun, touristy things while they were here, so my next few posts will be about that. 

These are the two semi-decent pictures we got from our trip to 17 mile cave.  I had only vaguely heard about this place, so it was fun to actually drive out and visit it.  It's a huge underground cavern hidden right off the Arco Highway outside of Idaho Falls.  The sign outside it says that Native American tribes used to use the caves as shelter as they traveled across the desert.  I loved imagining the cave lined with families gathered around fires, little children skipping around in the cool, damp darkness, women visiting with each other while they cooked and sewed, men doing whatever it was that men did when they weren't hunting.

The layers and layers of graffiti were also interesting and delightful.  We were all surprised at some of the places people had reached with spray paint.  It's amazing the energy and effort shiftless hoodlums will expend in the name of vandalism.

The cave entrance. 

Inside the cave.  Yes, that is a camera strap.  Yes, I am thinking about going pro.

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