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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grownup Update: May 2013

-I don't know if I've mentioned it here or not, but Abe switched jobs in November.  He left his part-time job at the public library and become a full-time mortgage document compliance specialist at a company called Docutech.  It makes us both very happy to have him positioned in a place where the work is challenging and his skills and work ethic are appreciated.

-Abe's getting a full-time position has enabled me to scale back my hours at my own job.  I'm now working 28 hours hours a week and the reduction in hours has made it so I can be home most days by 2:30 or 3:00.   This has given me more time to focus on my role as a mom/homemaker, which has been lovely.  I feel soooo much more balanced.

-I've recently become addicted to Jillian Michaels workout videos.  I did 30 Day Shred and am currently working on Ripped in 30.  They are AMAZING workouts and I can always motivate myself to do them because they're only 30 minutes long.  They make me feel strong and energetic and healthy, and I like them so much that I haven't been able to talk myself into switching over to my usual summertime running regimen yet.  I also just love Jillian, who gives great motivational speeches during her workouts and is never irritating like Denise Austin.  I also have a secret love for her (admittedly melodramatic) reality TV show, Losing it with Jillian.  

This was all made possible by my co-worker B.J., who for years has been demonstrating the various exercises Jillian "made" her do during her workouts, and whose enthusiasm for Jillian finally persuaded me to give 'er a try.  So thank you, Beej!

-Abe and I recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.  Abe came home from work one day with a white rose and a little potted succulent plant named Herbina (reminiscent of our first cactus, Herb).  Just as I was about to ask what the occasion was, he said, "Happy Anniversary!" And so it was!  But I had totally spaced it.  However, a few weeks later we really celebrated by spending three luxurious days and nights in Lava Hot Springs.  Thank you to my parents, my sista, and Briar for watching the kidlies so we could be freeeeee for a few days.

-Also, in March I turned thirty.  Thirty is just not as old as it used to be.  I have been having a mild crisis regarding whether or not I'm fulfilling my life's purpose (vocational path, number of children, etc), but other than that, I'm digging being thirty. I like it a quite a lot, actually.  It makes me feel solid, grounded.  I think my thirties are going to be good.

Here's the birthday poster Briar and the boys made for me while I was at work.  :)  

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Jenny said...

30 is 30, then it will turn to 31. How did we get there??

Jake's first job out of college was with Docutech. I actually didn't even know they were still around, good to hear!

And I love your blog. It makes me chuckle, your boys are beautiful.


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