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Monday, April 22, 2013

In Loving Memory: Mice

In March of 2012, Briar and I brought home a ferret from PetCo  I wanted to name him Gordon, after the spiky-haired tattooed salesguy who helped us pick him out.  But when Liam saw him running around he called out "Mice!" and the name stuck.  Mice was also frequently referred to as "Briar's Rat," "That Rat," or "The Ratling."   (According to Soren, his full name was Mice Mice Gordon Ratling Skousen.)

Mice enjoyed stealing socks, slippers, small toys, and other small miscellaneous items and stashing them in his hiding places in the loveseat and under a drawer in the kitchen.  In one stash raid, Briar uncovered thirty two socks that he had quietly collected.  He loved being let loose in the house at night and would run around with his back arched, making a quiet happy squeaking noise while he gathered up things for his nests.

Mice spent many a happy hour cuddling with Briar, delighting and amusing her with his cuteness and antics. Soren thought it was amazing when they took him outside for a walk one day and his tail puffed up gigantically with excitement.  Liam made it a point to give him a kiss every morning.

Mice became ill on a Sunday night a few weeks ago.  He stopped eating and running around.  We took him to the vet on Tuesday, who said that he had an intestinal obstruction and had to have a surgery.  The surgery revealed three chunks of hackey sack that had been clogging up his stomach and small intestine.  Unfortunately, he didn't recover from the surgery and passed away two days later.

We'll miss you, Mice Micey.

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Lara said...

Poor Mice. I like that harness though, looks way better than the one I had for Nijel.


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