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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Preschool Graduation

On May 16, 2012, Soren graduated from preschool.  

Grandma Hanson and Auntie Clee came to the ceremony and even brought gifts!  
Abe photographed the whole performance, I grinned like an idiot, and Liam tried to join in whenever he could.  

On display in the classroom were life-sized self-portraits of each of the children.  
This is Soren's.  
(I don't think I'm going to take this in for psychological analysis anytime soon.  
I really just don't want to know.)  

 The kids sang several songs they'd learned throughout the school year.   

Isn't Miss Misty so cute?  She was the perfect teacher for Soren.  
He adored her and learned so much this year.  

Then each of the kids stood up and told the audience something they'd learned that year.  They would say, "Before preschool, I didn't know_____________________."  And then they'd demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge.  One kid showed how he could count by tens, another proclaimed that he had learned the Pledge of Allegiance.   

Soren's hopped to the front and told everyone that he had learned how to write his name.  And then he demonstrated by writing in the air with a swordsman's enthusiasm   "S....O......R.....E....N!"  (The 'N' turned into a flurry of Zorro scribbles.)  

Afterwards there were cookies.

We're proud of our little graduate.  

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Holly said...

Soren looks like the happiest boy on the planet in these photos. I am glad preschool was such a great experience for him!


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