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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Celebrities I've Loved

When I was a five or six, I thought that Miguel (above far right) on 3-2-1 Contact was soooo dreamy. I'd be riveted whenever he was there to explain a scientific concept.

I also had a little thing for Macaulay Culkin. I may or may not have spent some time kissing the cover of my book copy of Home Alone.

Then I must have hit latency. I don't remember a lot of celebrity lovin' between the ages of six and twelve. But then, puberty.

At twelve, I borrowed my brother's Crossroads album and fell in love with Jon Bon Jovi. While jumping on the bed and singing along with "Livin' on a Prayer," I decided that he would join the Mormon church, edit his songs to conform with gospel standards, and take me to the temple.

At thirteen I watched Stargate and started having daydreams about Kurt Russell. I knew just how things with the two of us would go. He and I would be rehearsing for a movie together and he would reach over my shoulder to point out something on the script. I would turn to look at him. Our eyes would meet. Fireworks.

Good bye, Goldie Hahn.

At fourteen I watched Seven Years in Tibet and couldn't stop thinking about Brad Pitt. My friend Jamie informed me that, yuck, he was the same age as her dad. Someone else told me he never bathed. Nevertheless, I hoped that we would one day marry.
I still think he's real hot. And I'm pretty sure he bathes.

In high school my best friend Holly and I developed an unnatural obsession with a local band of acapella-singing brothers called The Standards. We followed them to concerts in Logan, UT and Twin Falls, Idaho. In Twin Falls we arrived early enough to drive slowly past their house and their Dad's chiropractic clinic. So you can bet that when they came to do an assembly at our very own high school, we abused our Russet newspaper press passes to the fullest extent. My favorite was the goofy beat-boxing bass, Nic. Here we are together, locked in an embrace. Oh, the ecstasy!

Today Abe and I share a crush on Hugh Jackman. He's so dreamy.

So who were/are your celebrity crushes?


Lara said...

This is fun. I may answer your post with one of my own. We have a couple in common. I had a marriage ceremony with a Bon Jovi poster. And Hugh Jackman is a current fav.

blake said...

Well. I didn't know you had it so bad for Brad when we went and saw Meet Joe Black. It seems I should have been covering your eyes instead of the other way around!

Holly said...

When the world of men keeps pushing to the edge, never ever ever give up.

Can't stop giggling...

Karen said...

Lol the 321 Contact guy cracks me up! I too have a thing for Brad Pitt. I've tried not too seeing as how he seems to be on everyone's list, but he's just so darn good looking AND talented. Meet Joe Black is one of my favorite movies. I believe he is also the only guy I like with lighter hair. I tend to be a dark hair girl, hence my smolderingly handsome husband. I also really like Ewan McGregor, but only when he has dark short hair (meaning Star Wars was no good). I'm currently obsessed with Rob Lowe. Also very talented and really really really extremely good looking. I saw his butt in a movie last weekend. HA!

Collette Smith said...

Luke Skywalker. I didn't know his real name. I only knew that he and I were destined to travel the stars together.

heidi said...

Karen saw a butt!

Natalya said...

I missed these earlier in the year posts, not sure why...oh, yeah, I had a baby!
I had a crush on He-Man, I remember. If you remember He-Man. I think I had a crush on all the lead males in all the cartoons. I think I thought it was my duty to, so I did. Oh, yes, the best one was Optimus Prime! But I was kind of confused about how he was a robot and I was a girl. Never resolved that one.
That was in my tender childhood.
I am proud to say that I can't stand Brad Pitt. Hugh Jackman's interesting, but I don't know enough about him.
Once when I was young we girls and mom had a conversation about handsome men on Star Wars. I daringly said something like, "I like Luke." (He's the lead male, right? Following protocol here. My mom said, "Oh, I like Han Solo." That took the wind out of my sails. I felt like I had chosen the wrong guy.


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