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Friday, January 13, 2012


I've been extremely busy over the past month, and whenever I had a few spare minutes they were usually devoted to reading The Good Earth or watching back episodes of House M.D.


I haven't forgotten about you, dear readers. And I have a million things I've been wanting to blog about.

For example:

-A tribute to my Grandpa Hanson, who passed away last month.
-My car wreck.
-Learning to play the organ.
-Updates on both the boys, who grow (impossibly!) more adorable each day
-Creepy Santa
-Fun stuff we did over the summer (yes, yes, I know that was a while ago, but I have a tendency to blog about the everyday stuff and forget to write about holidays and trips and things. This is weird and oppositey to most Mommy Blogs, but it's how I roll.)
-Family goal setting
-Review of progress on last year's New Year's goals/New New Year's goals
-Cute stuff I've done to the house
-My piano (MY piano!)

I've also been wanting to start a new regular column-type thing on my blog called "Love Stories," featuring the kind of stories that fill one with hope for humanity, joy at the power of love, and a belief in God's goodness.

And I've been contemplating doing a whiny post about how tired and stressed out I am.

So there's a sneak preview, folks. Pray that I will find a way through our brambled labyrinth of scattered toys and piled up dirty dishes to find my laptop and follow through with my blogging desires.


heidi said...

Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!

It all sounds great.

I forgot to say, before, that I'm sorry about your grandpa.

I hope you don't hate Good Earth--I'm a compulsive Pearl Buck reader. Read 20 of her books? I think? And many of them, many times.

Car wreck?!

Learning to play organ!!

Creepy Santa?

and wait: YOUR piano? I thought you had one. You didn't? Anyway I hope it's great. I've been hysterically fantasizing about a baby grand for our teensy-tinsy living room. They make mini sofas to put under pianos, right? Or people can lounge on the ground, relax under the mahogany. It's better that way. Earthier. (Right?) My beloved studio Kawaii has worn out hammer felt. Sounding... I can barely bare to say it... tinny.

I like the column idea a lot. I like the idea of paring the "Love Stories" with "Whine Stories." More human and balanced, yeah?

And I'm excited about the goal updates. And wish I had time to tell you my ed. ideas! I really did brainstorm for you!! Next time. I hope.

Enjoy House!

Janet Latta said...

looking forward to it! i am one of your favorite fans!

Kristy Skoy said...

I can't wait to hear! I am feeling so lonely without your blog posts. And I need something fu to read.

Natalya said...

All the stuff you previewed sounded great, and truth to tell, that might be the only treatment most of it gets, right? Blogs take up too much time! It takes too much time to develop personal talents when you have to be a mommy and wife and housecleaner and meal-organizer-carry-outer (let alone employee). Do you go to bed exhausted? I do. I quit my blog so I could sleep so I could have energy to do the other more survival tasks. But it sure was a colorful part of my life.
My oldest is just now hitting an age where he could be of some help. Maybe once I get him trained on the bathroom (that'll take a few months) I can sit down and write while he's wiping down the bathtub.
P.S. I don't think of your blog as a mommy blog, though that probably takes some pressure off! It seems more like a mommy's-having-fun-writing blog. And p.p.s. I think one-sentence reviews of things you want to write about are enough when hard-pressed for time. It gives us tantalizing glimpses into a life that is too full to record and helps us realize that, yes, we too have weird little episodes like Creepy Santas in our lives.

Holly said...

Creepy Santa really is a swell, albeit shady, guy. He sent me a nice birthday message. It is hanging on my refrigerator.

Collette Smith said...

Ditto on all the above!


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