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Monday, April 25, 2011

Now we are 28.

I'd totally decided to be tranquil about my birthday this year. No big deal, just let it be another day, you've had plenty of birthday attention over the years, I told myself. But apparently everyone else must have gotten a different memo, 'cause I was THOROUGHLY spoiled and/or lavished with attention on March 14, 2011. (And before-- and after.) And, let's be honest, I would sell souvenir-sized bits of my dignity on the street corner for a little attention, so I loved every minute of it.

It started out with a girls' weekend getaway trip to beautiful Twin Falls, Idaho! (Say that in a Rod Roddy voice.) My mama and sister and I ran away together for our first-ever girls-only vacation. We went to see Singing in the Rain in the historic Oakley Opera House, we ate delicious Thai food, we swam in the hotel swimming pool, we went to parks, we giggled. It was lovely.

Then, Abe's Nana sent me a butterfly birthday card containing a crisp, shiny $20 bill. I cannot tell you how much I love cash. It's like magic money that I don't have to account for in the budget. If I were Scrooge McDuck, I would make a swimming pool out of cash dollars and swim around in them every day.

But anyway, on the actual big day, my friend Pam showed up at the office with this beautiful bunny cake:

I had mentioned to her-- months earlier--that bunny cakes were something of a birthday tradition for me. And she remembered! And made a whole bunny cake! With butterfly cookies! Isn't it ADORABLE?

(Pam also made me an adorable recipe-holder magnet board thing for my kitchen, which she presented to me when we went out together with our husbands the following weekend.)

And then, flowers arrived!

These were sent by my brother Scott and his wife Amanda. The bouquet lasted for two good weeks.

My co-workers Brandy and Laura bought me this terrific hat. You can't tell, but it lights up. Doesn't get much hotter than that.

My co-workers BJ and Andrea did this to my car. The inside was LITTERED with confetti. Two vacuumings later, I'm still finding shiny little party hats. They did something very similar to me with silly string and confetti when I stood up to make an announcement at a company meeting that evening.

Throughout the day, I received phone calls, texts, and facebook messages. My brother Seth and his wife Karen gave me a gift subscription to a magazine. (It hasn't come yet, so I can't tell you what it is. It's a secret 'til it comes.)

My bosses, Tom and Michelle, gave me a couple of cute decorations for my home/desk and a gift card to Chiles, which Abe and I used to stretch our dating dollars that month.

When I arrived home that evening, Abe and Hillary and Briar presented me with--respectively--a bigger, more magical crockpot, princess fruit snacks, and a new electric hand mixer.

A few weeks later my sister-in-law Lara mailed a gorgeous dress that she had hand-tailored just for me, some fabulous dress gloves she had crafted out of crochet thread and satin, a card her children had made themselves, and a bevy of hand-made winter hats.

A few weeks after that, my mother-in-law found the perfect birthday card (it had a big peacock on the front--is she trying to say something about me?) and mailed it, along with another, blessed twenty dollar bill.

With that much attention to store in my canteen, I suppose I can keep my dignity in tact for at least another year.

Thanks to everyone who made my twenty-eighth birthday such a special and memorable one.

I feel very loved.


Leslie said...

Good gracious, you WERE spoiled! I'm so glad. Happy belated birthday.

So, I think you need to educate me about fun things to do in Twin Falls, because I go there at least once a year (usually) to visit a good friend of mine, and she is positive that there is nothing to do! We usually just hang out and watch movies and chat (which is great, don't get me wrong), but I feel like I'm missing out on some things!

Lara said...

Jordan told me about your office fun. I love your comment about selling souvenir bits of dignity for attention - bwahaha! Are you a youngest child by any chance? I am and I am the same way.

And maybe I am materilistic and Emily Post would disagree, but I would rather have cash than any other gift in the world!

Rachel said...

Leslie, this is from my sis, regarding the awesomeness of Twin Falls:

Depends on what kinda stuff they like!

Just off the top of my head:

See nearby Shoshone Falls; go swimming in the roped-off areas; picnic at the park

Go base jumping off the bridge at the entrance to the city (Or just watch other people do it. :)
Good restaurants
Natural hot springs/pools/swim parks
Thousand Springs Scenic Drive
Visit the fish hatchery (Hagerman)
Hagerman Museum http://www.visitidaho.org/attraction/museums/hagerman-valley-historical-museum/
Hagerman Fossil Beds
Hiking trails through areas of geographic interest (near Hagerman)
Water sports, including white water rafting
Skiing in winter
City of Rocks (a bit of a drive from Twin Falls, but worth it)
There are a couple of nice parks in the city. There's the one I took you to at the bottom of the canyon (tell 'em be sure to see the pond at the bottom of the little waterfall in summer; good wading for kids.), and there's another, prettier one on the southern edge of the town with a scenic path along a little tree-lined river.
If they like slot machines, they could go to Jackpot, NV, 47 miles away.
Heidi told me there are some incredible vineyards/wineries down by Hagerman/Thousand Springs area (If they're into that.)
Shopping. Especially if they like thrift stores.
If there in October, they could visit the haunted women's college spook alley in Albion

Tell him/her to visit the little visitor's center at the park by the big bridge into town and pick up some brochures for more details. Or contact the local Chamber of Commerce. Also the College of Southern Idaho probably has cultural events from time to time.

Rachel said...

And Lara, yes, yes I am a youngest child.

Also, Emily Post can go suck her thumb in the boring corner with Judith Martin.


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