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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Birthday Present from Liam

On the evening of my birthday (it was very lovely, thank you), Abraham and I were playing "Pass the Pigs" on a book of nursery rhymes on the living room floor. Liam really, really wanted to get his chubby little paws on those chubby little pigs, and it ultimately turned into his first official crawling experience.

Also, I cannot believe how long it takes to upload videos. Gee Willakers.


heidi said...

Hoo-ray! I mean, that the video finally uploaded.

And that Liam crawled! :D

collette said...

YAY LIAM!!! Hip hip hooray! Of course you know this means nothing is safe.

Natalya said...

I am kind of disappointed to hear that the baby of perpetual infancy is succumbing to peer pressure. A little bit late, but still succumbing.

Karen said...

I love that he just keeps going after the book and doesn't seem upset in the least that his daddy keeps pulling it away. So so adorable!

Natalya said...

Okay, I kind of felt like a party pooper for not cheering Liam like everybody else was, so I got up the guts to watch the video on my slow connection, and....everybody else was right! It was so cute and so inspiring and I am just so excited for him.
And as for your writing, I had another comment: misspelling Gee Willikers was GENIUS. Sometimes editors have to insert errors for effect.


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