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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Quick Update on the Adults in the Family

-Abe started his Master's program last month. He's pursuing a degree in Library Science, which suits him perfectly in every way. All the coursework is done through the University of North Texas, which means that the majority of what he'll be doing is online. However, at the end of January he spent a week in Houston attending an introductory seminar.

-A bonus to this was that my brother Scott and his wife, Amanda, live in Houston. So Abe was able to stay with them and do a little touring on the side. They took him to a beach in Galveston, the Natural Science Museum, and the Houston Space Center. They also kept him fed and sheltered (thank you, Scott and Mandy!)

-While Abe was away it snowed six inches and I had to shovel out the driveway, sidewalk, and steps by myself. At 8 months pregnant. With a bundled up toddler growing more cold and miserable by the minute. I felt very tough and feel that I should brag about this at every turn.

-Also while Abe was away I cooked ten dinners and froze them. In one (very long) day.

-I am apparently incapable of being alone, however, as I never did spend an entire evening by myself in Abe's absence Either Nick or Loriann would come over-- or I would go to my Mom's or Collette's.

-This is becoming increasingly more about me and less about Abe. Oh well.

-I started a new job this month. I'm now working at the Harbor House (an inpatient drug-and-alcohol rehabilitation program for adolescents--the same place Abe works) as the administrative assistant. It's about six to eight more hours a week than I was doing before, but the work is about the same, the co-worker camaraderie is about the same, and the pay is much much better. At the DVIC I was going in twice a week for six hours at a go; now I go in every day for about four hours. I've actually been enjoying leaving the house every day and don't feel that Soren has been at all neglected. I just hope I'll be able to keep up this pace after Liam comes!


Heidi said...

Congrats to everyone! Abe's Master's Program sounds lovely and delightful. Equally lovely and delightful is the sound of Rachel's "much much better pay." It also seems to me that when I have kids getting a daily break from them will help us all enjoy each other all the more... it sounds like Soren is being very manly and brave to tolerate this slight separation. :)

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone! (I'm hoping Liam will come Saturday. Although maybe he's hoping to stay warm and cozy a bit longer... and not be saddled with such a cute birthday.)

Love, Heidi

P.S. Did you know that Boise has a wonderful, extensive, well-funded library system? (At least, so I've heard.) I'm not sure the time frame of Abe's program--but feel free, when the degree is coming to a close, to check out the options in our beautiful city of trees, and to stay in our modest home. (We have a spare room--for now. And free babysitting!)

Jerk said...

i am now a devoted follower of your blogs. which btw, i find hilarious and check to see if you've updated it at least once a week.


Rachel said...

Heidi, Abraham doesn't like Boise. I'm not sure why. I'll see if I can persuade him, though. I think it's a lovely city. And from what you say, it's got all the amenities, including perfectly children who will never hurt or wound my children in any way.

Briar: it tickles me pink that you are a Rachel Blog devotee. Hooray!

Heidi said...

NOT like Boise!!!

Tell Abe--I don't like Shelley! Or Idaho Falls! I also dislike whatever horrible Eastern place he's from!!

Although the thought that not everyone from CA & the East is planning an imminent move here is a comfort.

Offended but comforted by that last thought... Heidi


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