Abraham, Rachel, Soren and Liam. Our life together in Smalltown, Idaho.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, Soren!

The highlight of Soren's birthday was his birthday song. He absolutely lit up when everyone started singing to him. He turned this way, then that, looking at the panoramic view of all of these grown-ups smiling at and singing a song....just for him. When we finished the song, he said, "Mer?" ("More") So we sang to him again. And again he requested "More?" So we sang to him one last time. This video captures his face during the final serenade, which is still cute, but not even close to matching the sheer joy that he expressed during the first round.


collette said...

As a member of said circle of fawning adults, I'm here to testify that Soren's reaction was indeed priceless! And I'm so glad you captured that precious moment (and others) in writing, Rachel!

Karen said...

I usually hate singing the birthday song but didn't mind singing it three times for Soren! He was so cute!

Shelly Elizondo said...

How fun. The birthdays of children are so much fun to celabrate!


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