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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Halloween Fun

I mentioned that my sister, Collette, and her family had a more successful Halloween experience this year. Here are her children, post-trick-or-treating.

Tessa, 6, dressed up as a kitty. She was pretty tired by this time of night.
Calysta, 9, was a beautiful fairy princess. Here she is enjoying a fresh homemade doughnut.

Marty, 8, was a pirate. Calysta made his beard and moustache herself. I was pretty impressed.

Arielle, 12, was some sort of scary creature with an obscured face.
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Jamie and Michael said...

Holy moly those kids are so old! So, by the way, you and Abe look HOT in your picture at the top of your blog. You look like a spy family or something-- you know, like Undercover Blues.

Jamie and Michael said...

Actually, you kind of look like Charlotte Charles from Pushing Daisies, who is equally hot, and wears really cute clothes.


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