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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hints from Heloi...er, Cha-cha

During Documentary Night several months ago, Soren mistakened Nicholas for a washcloth and wiped his blueberry stained fingers on his Uncle Sue's brand new t-shirt. For a minute, we were frozen in horror. How would we ever get the blueberry juice out? Isn't that one of those dreaded stains, like wine or chocolate? Would Nicky's shirt ever be the same? And then we remembered that, in today's world, the answers to all the big questions are never far away: ChaCha would know the solution to our problem. Nicholas quickly shot out a test message begging ChaCha's next Available Representative for help with this urgent laundry quandry-- and before five minutes had passed, ChaCha had sent us a reply: "Stretch the material taut. Secure it over a bowl. Pour boiling water over the stain from a distance of several feet."

This solution did not really make sense to us--isn't hot water supposed to set stains?--nevertheless, we moved forward with faith, feeling a little silly, but believing that ChaCha would not lead us astray.

(As with most endeavors of this nature, there was lots of giggling involved.)

The sad truth, however, is that this method was less than effective. The boiling water presented several obvious safety hazards, for starters. Also, it was difficult to accurately aim the water stream from such a distance. And at last, even after being inundated by several pots of boiling water poured from a great height, the stain had merely been reduced, not eliminated.

So the question is begged: from whence had ChaCha derived this strange and ineffective solution? Why, out of the many options presented by a quick Google search (white vinegar, white wine, baking soda, oxiclean, tide sticks, rubbing alcohol), did The Available Representative at ChaCha choose to torment us with boiling water and reckless heights?

The answer is: I don't know. But I'm now seriously questioning my life's premises.

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Amanda said...

It does look like you were having fun. Too bad the hot water didn't fix it!

Nick said...

Oh good times... I had nearly forgotten.

Mark said...

ChaCha waswrong!? i am now questioning my life's premises as well. OH THE HUMANITY

collette said...

Snoo, next time you have berry stains, call CLEE instead of Cha Cha.

As you no doubt recall I have four children, all of whom have of them have eaten copious amounts of berries in a gratuitously sloppy manner practically since birth, resulting in multitudinous laundry stains, WHICH, by the way, come out EASILY with a little squirt of Shout, if washed the same day the mishap occurred.


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