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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Old Man

On July 23, 2008 Abraham turned thirty. No, you didn't misread. He turned thirty. Three - Zero. Don't worry. I can't get over it either. I'm married to a geezer. Sheesh. He seemed young enough when I married him!

To help take his mind off his impending mortality, I took Abe to see "The Dark Knight" and fed him delicious Johnny Carino's food. That evening we had a little family party at Jensen's Grove. I didn't take pictures because I hate bringing my camera on fun excursions. Who wants to waste time worrying about the expensive camera while you're trying to teach your child how to avoid broken pop bottles in a polluted lake? So instead I've posted a picture of the gift bestowed upon Abraham by the Smith family, an "Old Person Kit." I thought it was pretty funny. Not pictured: a pair of reading glasses and a pair of dentures, both of which met an untimely fate in the hands of The Old Man's son.

And Soren? Soren wasn't content to merely wade on the periphery of the lake. He wanted to dive in and try out his crawl stroke. Also, he was so excited about his dad's birthday that he ate so much cheesecake he barfed. Honestly, I don't know where all his extreme behaviors come from. He's certainly not related to anyone who has a hard time with moderation....
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Nick said...

Just read this thoroughly and had a good laugh. So much wit. You, my friend, are a genius.


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